Do we treat it all so lightly?

In Jeremiah chapters two and three, God tells Judah his complaint against them.

Foremost, of course, was Judah’s practice of idolatry, which extended even to having their children “pass through the fire,” (Ezekiel 16:21). Judah’s contemptuous idolatry, so disgusting in the sight of God brought about the captivity of both parts of the divided kingdom: Israel and Judah were taken into captivity.

In Jeremiah 3:9, in the New Living Translation, God tells Judah, “Israel treated it all so lightly—she thought nothing of committing adultery by worshiping idols made of wood and stone. So now the land has been polluted.” Judah was doing the same. The people’s attitude had become so hardened, Judah was described as having the forehead of a harlot (Jeremiah 3:3).

Is that the way our country is headed? So many people have abandoned the worship of God for their “favorite pastime.” Asking them to return to God is like spitting in the wind. Have we “treated it all so lightly?”

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