Do You Clash With Jesus?

After Judy and I were married, we dressed for our wedding trip.

She was beautiful in a smart, green dress. But, she cringed at my light gray suit, red, gray and white zig-zag-striped shirt and my red, white and gray striped tie.

She said I clashed.

Jesus clashed with many people during his time on earth. That’s because Jesus always showed God’s mind from the beginning. Jesus’ thinking was not a product of the Pharisees. While the Pharisees looked at religion as ritual, Jesus knew true religion was service.

So in the last part of Mark 2 and in Mark 3, Jesus clashed with the ideas of the Pharisees.

People still clash with Jesus. Those who believe there are “many paths to God” clash with Jesus who said, “I am the way,” (John 14:6). Those who believe they have the authority to determine what we must do in the work, worship and conduct of the church clash with Jesus who said, ““All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me,” (Matthew 28:18).

Do you clash with Jesus? Stop this warfare now and surrender to his will, humbly obeying him.

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