Do you go to lectureships?

Early-bird Ron has already answered the Daily Nudge for today, “What lectureships do you attend? Why?”

I missed last year, but for the last 15 I’ve attended the National Christian Workers Encounter at the Mt of Olives Christian Camp in the city of Embu Guaçu, on the other side of Sao Paulo. It’s a two-day event for men, excellent in every way. The speeches are good, the fellowship is great and it’s the largest event of its kind here in Brazil (though not the largest gathering of Christians).

In the U.S., for the last three years, I’ve participated in, and spoke at, the May Missionary Retreat at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton AL. Plan to again this year, Lord permitting. It’s an event for any one interested in the gospel around the world, not only for what you’d think of as missionary types. I learn a lot from the dedicated saints who attend, from their total centuries of experience.

At the first retreat, organizer Wayne Barrier mentioned three goals: relaxation, exchange of ideas and information, and education. He didn’t mention pigging out on food that was always at hand. We did that, too.

Ron, I regret that I’ve not be able to go to the FHU Lectureship in the 25 years we’ve been in Brazil, since our visits there never coincide.

Like many things, I suppose, reasons abound for attending such events, among them, content and communion.

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