Do You Roku?

RokuIf you have a Roku box, you can now watch GBN (Gospel Broadcasting Network, overseen by the elders of the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton, GA) 24/7!  The channel is a FREE addition in your channel store (look under “New” or under “”Religion & Spirituality”).  There are even a few on-demand GBN programs, with plans to add many more.

If, at this point, you’re asking, “What is Roku?” then the answer is on their website, which states, “Roku is a little box that allows you to instantly stream tons of entertainment on your TV. Watch movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video, listen to music on Pan­dora, catch the latest ballgame, and more—it’s all available whenever you want it.”

All you need for Roku to work is a TV (seems obvious, but just covering the bases!), high-speed internet access, and the Roku box itself (available at for $59, $79, or $99, depending on which model).

I got my Roku box in yesterday, and it took maybe 15 minutes to get it out of the box, hooked up, and playing.  I bought the $99 model because it has dual-band wireless, which is best for us, since we’re accessing content via our wireless router in the house.  I have already enjoyed watching GBN programming, and the kids are enjoying watching the kids programming (while learning about God, creation, the Bible, etc. at the same time).

I highly recommend this little box, if nothing else but for 24/7 access to GBN!  However, I have also been enjoying watching other content on the Roku, and the access to Netflix online is also a good deal for when we all want to sit down and watch a family movie.

About 1.5 million people in the U.S. already have Roku boxes, which means they now have access to a religious network that teaches (as they often say on GBN itself) “The Truth, and nothing but the Truth, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.”  I can’t think of a better way to get the Gospel truth out to the masses in our country (and world) than sound preaching and teaching via a network like GBN.  Get a Roku, check it out, and see if you don’t agree!