“Does No Good,” is the translation of …

Does No Good,” is the translation of a Portuguese-language meditation I write for the Brazilian church. Besides giving you an idea of that other-language offering, you might be edified by it.

The Daily Nudge asks our Fellows today, “Who’ve you helped to know God lately?”

The question reminds me of someone I haven’t helped, at least, in the way he feels the need. A brother in Taubate had asked for more studies in the Bible. So we started an intensive study group. He told me Sunday it wasn’t what he needed. He wants some more pratical, how to answer people who spout bad doctrine, like keeping the Sabbath, and how to evangelize. So I’ll have to reevaluate what I’m doing there. It was good to get feedback.

I always look forward to the Fellows chiming in. I learn so much from them.

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