Does Our Political Passion Hurt Evangelism?

People believe what they have been taught in their world. If someone is raised to be conservative or liberal, that is usually the path they will take. Someone will need to be educated to how to think and see things in the right perspective.

God’s Word allows us to change worldviews and to see things in a different way. We cannot expect that to happen to everyone by osmosis.

When someone does not have any interest in Christianity and never opens a Bible, they will have beliefs based on their past and knowledge.

People grow up in a tribe that practices cannibalism and then later learn a better way and change. If they were so suspicious of the missionaries who visited them that they would never listen, they would remain savages all of their lives.

If we are not careful of how we express our political beliefs, we can close doors that can never be opened again. People can legitimately be believers in a political party and what it stands for because it fits the way they were raised.

If we will show a better way with love, gentleness and empathy, we may be able to approach them with the gospel as well.  We use Scripture to address moral and ethical issues rather than attacking the candidate we disagree with.

In this current presidential climate, considering the President is a different race than many voters, this is especially important. The more people attack the man, the more hardened his supporters become. Their belief that people hate Obama because of his race is rooted in generations of prejudice and racism. Seen in that light, this attitude is more understandable.

Unless people wake up to this  reality, they will always be confused by the hostility of others.

My article today is about respecting the office of the Presidency regardless of who is in office. It is extremely important that Christians lead the way on on this issue. We are commanded to honor and pray for the President. I hope you will read the article and share your thoughts on this matter, as well as my article.


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