Don’t Blush

Many preachers find strength is reading the words of the prophet Jeremiah. I certainly do. For me, there is something about that with which he was continually struggling that I find very helpful in that which I do. For instance, when the people of the land were crying out that all would be well, Jeremiah cried out that all would not be well. In fact, so deluded were the people in their thinking about what was going on that they could no longer blush (8:12).

In our day many surely follow the same philosophy that the people of Judah adhered to in Jeremiah’s day, don’t they? Women wear clothing that is so short that it would not take much more cutting off before the clothing item would become underwear! What about the dresses and the skirts? How about the tops that are worn, and should we mention anything about the bathing suits? In order to meet what some call modesty the clothing that covers the body is tight fitting and every crevice of the body is seen. Pitiful! Men are just as guilty, though the sheer number of items worn might be smaller to lament. When is it ever right for a male to go about shirtless, exposing that portion of the body that should only be seen by his wife (or, only within his home)? Some of the males exhibit their wisdom in the pants they wear when they have to walk in such a way that their knees are wider than their shoulders, and that’s only to prevent the pants from sliding down to the ground and really exposing their “wisdom”!

In our society this is a norm, and we don’t blush.

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