Don’t Forget Your Bible

People going on vacation this summer will remember sun block, appropriate clothing, money for the trip, hotels, gasoline, and food.

The most important thing to remember (and, perhaps, the one most left behind) is a Bible.

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean one should abandon the study of the Bible. Feeding the soul is just as important as feeding oneself food. But isn’t it curious that people will seldom miss a meal, but they will leave home without their main source of spiritual food?

Oh, and don’t forget your spiritual family. No one going on a summer trip would forget the husband, wife or children (unless you’re making a movie about leaving one of them home), but there are people who leave town forgetting the church still needs financial support. The church also needs to plan for its worship and work, so it would be a good thing if you let the elders know you’ll be away, wouldn’t it?

Do some planning, too, before launching out. Find out where you’re going to worship God before you leave. Make sure you know the worship and Bible study times and make sure your children understand these things are as important to you as where the best surfing is (Matthew 6:33).

Remember God in prayer, too, for you want a safe and happy journey. Remember to ask for one!


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