Duck Dynasty and Me

I am forced to admit that some things get me “riled up.” So, I hope someone can set me straight. One of our brethren, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty,” has been fired from the show. Why? Because, when asked on a TV talk show about homosexuality, he quoted Scripture to show that God did not approve of the practice.
Now, my question is this: Why is it so wrong and politically incorrect to publically defend your faith and the Bible if you are a Christian? On the converse, it is not politically incorrect to make fun of Christians and their beliefs. It is not politically incorrect to make fun of the Bible and regard it as full of myths. The TV show currently showing about “The Truth about the Bible” makes numerous Scriptural and doctrinal errors, but that is not politically incorrect. Yet, one negative word about the Koran or about sin, and we are tarred as “ignorant hate-mongers.”
I guess my stance is this: If Duck Dynasty can risk national prestige and a very lucrative job to stand for Jesus in a public forum, how dare I not take a similar stand in my own small world?

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