Break the Easter egg — Did a church ever grow from an Easter celebration?


I hate to rain on your parade. But all this talk about taking advantage of Easter, when some people may show up at church for this one time during the year (throw in Christmas if you like), sounds like a bunch of bunkum.

Did anyone ever convert to Christ from showing up in their Easter finest? Did any church suddenly grow from a fine Easter production? Did the Sunday after Easter suddenly swell with new members because an eldership and a preacher put on their Sunday best to impress the suddenly pious visitor?

What happens on Easter is that a loose and egotistical religion trumps true and faithful discipleship.

What would Jeremiah say to people who show up once a year?

How would the Lord Jesus Christ approach those who are wedded to a religion of form and appearance?

You know exactly what they would say. Denunciation. Repentance. Judgment.

Why not preach these topics on Easter Sunday instead of a weak sermon to whet people’s taste for more touchy-feely religion? Why not tell them that they come to church in honor of a day that wounds the commandment of the Lord, that disrespects his authority, that mocks the simplicity of the gospel, that turns discipleship into pomp and ceremony?

Tell them.

Because Easter Sunday is exactly what is wrong with Christendom. Tell them in love, with tears, no ranting and raving, but in the same anguish of spirit that took the Messiah to the cross.

Let the religionists go elsewhere. Spend your time making disciples instead of impressing punch-card visitors. Thin the ranks to the 300 who are fearless of everything except the judgment of those who do not love the Lord, 1Co 16.22.

Now that would be an amazing verse to preach on Easter: “Let anyone who has no love for the Lord be accursed. Our Lord, come!”

Tell them this, and you might just resurrect a soul from death.

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