Ed, Barbara, and more

• Seems a formal welcome is in order for Ed Boggess (@heb12347), who’s now posting the text to his Just-A-Minute radio spots. Welcome, Ed! So glad to have you adding your encouraging spots here.

• Here’s a pic of Barbara Ann at the FHU Lectureship, manning (womanning?) Forthright Press’ book booth in the exhibit area. Now, where’s Richard? And Ron, and Mike, and …

• My personal site has suffered since I’ve dismembered much of what I do there, lots of it now here, and much of the missions info is going to the Gospel Progress Mission Group. So be it, a bit of sacrifice for the greater good.

• Ron’s @etsop95 absorbing the lectures, but Larry @jlmiles1952 is working. He just launched the new Highway church site where Ron works. Good stuff there, on a sharp, clean spot. Congrats to Ron and Larry!

• Laura @ltinnel gives as well as she takes, but I’ve been ribbing her a lot today, both here and on FB, so I’ll give her a rest for the remainder. But there’s always tomorrow!

• You’ve noticed I’ve used usernames with the @ sign. These are called mentions. I’m still figuring out all their uses. I hope they don’t cause your eye to stumble.

• Thinking of a good post for my neglected personal site. Maybe time for a poem? You’re glad I’ve spared you here from posting those, I know. Don’t have to tell me.