Embarrassed in Bible class

Normally, our neighborhood is very, very quiet. At night, you can hear the wind in the trees, when it blows, and almost catch the sound of the grass stretching to grow. Last night, however, the university up the hill, about a kilometer way, must have hosted a rock concert. Though it wasn’t blaring, it was enough to wake me up around 3 a.m. The music went until 6 a.m., and I snoozing on and off. I did drop off before I crawled out of bed at 7.

• Today, from shortly after 9 a.m., until 6:30 p.m., we were with Christian family. That’s always a pleasure. I was pleased that the Taubaté church decided tonight to send a one-time help to a needy evangelist in the Northeast and a significant monthly amount, until the end of the year, to the Lar Cristão Children’s Home in the city of Cabreúva.

• The Missus prepared two large meals yesterday and today, for guests. So after church tonight, coming back Taubaté, we stopped off and got a burger. Yesterday, she experimented on us, trying out a new spaghetti sauce recipe. Was a keeper! Today we had a broccoli, cauliflower, and bacon salad, one of my favorites.

• I led the communion and offering meditations this morning in SJCampos, and preached tonight at Taubaté, starting that Bread and Butter series. I’m going to split the series between the two congregations, in hopes of putting it in writing. Next week, I preach in both congregations.

• For the communion meditation, I used the example of the 29-year-old Buddhist monk in China who immolated himself last week and cried “Long live the Dalai Lama.” In March another did something similar. Others before them have also burned themselves alive. (Shouldn’t that be ” burned themselves dead”?) But their deaths produced no results. Jesus’ death did, and does. Then I read Ephesians 1:7 and 2:13.

• I was a bit embarrassed in Bible class this morning. The teacher used me as an example of being proud of my kids, as faithful Christians. He transferred that to Abraham’s feelings when he died and left Isaac to carry on. He talked about it a bit longer than I thought necessary, hence my embarrassment. But I am proud of our kids, grateful they are serving the Lord as they are, praying they become ever more effective servants.

• Final thought, tonight: Ben-hadad’s men had heard that “the kings of Israel are merciful” (1 Kings 20:31 NLT). That’s a wonderful reputation to have, one I hope every saint acquires. And indeed Ahab was merciful to the defeated king, but he showed mercy when he should not have. So it seems it’s possible to be more merciful than God. And that incurs his wrath and judgment. Maybe we ought to consider that possibility and seek to avoid it. Reckon?

Have a great night, and a great week!

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