Encourage a young preacher who is ill

Brothers, I hope this finds you well.

Shawn Slone is a young preacher (my age, about 34) who preaches for the Mike’s Branch church of Christ, Pikeville, KY.

My dad preached there in the late 80’s, and I went to school w/ Shawn then. I recall Shawn giving himself insulin shots at school in those years.

Shawn became a Christian some years ago, and even attended ETSOPM for a little while, but his health condition did not permit him to continue. Nevertheless, he has continued to do a good work for the congregation.

Recently, in addition to his diabetic condition, Shawn was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (I’ll let you look it up). He remarked on his Facebook page March 14:

This week I have been told that I am now in the stages of Multiple System Atrophy, (Autonomic Neuropathy Failure), Lord willing the remainder of this week and a week in May will determine how far advanced the condition is, and were I go from here.

Thank you to everyone who has offered a word of encouragement and your prayers. To everyone whom I have ever met, I thank you for being a part of my life, and I hope is some small way I have been a good part of yours.

Shawn and his wife Heather have one son, Shane, who is about 13-14. I am asking for your help in encouraging Shawn and his family.

Will you help us send a flood of encouragement their way?

Will you pass their names and situation on to your congregation for prayers?

Will you stop by his/his wife’s Facebook wall and drop a note of encouragement?

Will you give their mailing address out to your congregation to send cards (2517 Long Fork Road, Kimper, KY 41539)?

Will you forward this email to other congregations in the brotherhood?

God bless,

Rick Kelley