Encouraged by the faith of Christian friends

As the access problem allows (seems I’m one of a few still having net problems on BNc and FMag), I’ve been setting up Mike Benson’s KneEmail site, have made a start. Still much to do there, like the footer widgets with list of articles. His site was hosted by Forthright Mag on the old site, so we’re transferring it to the new spot.

• Today’s Quick Bible Truth: This command has no age limit, applies to young and old: “Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.” Pr 23.12 NLT.

• I’m glad to see friends still poring over the words of God, even after years of study. Old guys still learning. Some have never started that commitment, others have retired from knowledge, some preachers recycle sermons ad inifinitum, but a few try to read the Book as if for the first time. That’s encouraging.

• Our family went out last night for pizza with a few friends in Taubate. (If Haroldo posts his pics, I’ll swipe one and post it.) Good food, good fellowship, good conversation. What I needed. Times are one needs to just kick back and enjoy. No better way to do it than with Christian friends and be encouraged by their faith.

• Are there times you feel alone? I suppose it’s a universal feeling, except for a few extroverts, perhaps. Christian friends are a godsend in the truest sense of the term. Divine pick-me-ups. Satisfaction for the soul.

• Let me get biblical on you about this subject. Paul had friends to attend to his needs (Acts 24:23; 27:3). The references are probably to physical needs, but the spiritual may be in view as well. John referred to Christians as friends (3 John 14). The apostles went to their friends after being released from prison and they prayed together (Acts 4:23). Jesus, of course, called his disciples friends (John 15:13-15) and Lazarus as well (John 11:11).

• I once had in mind to write a book on friendship. Many years ago. Maybe in another 50 years I’ll be qualified for the task.

• With our trip next week, I’ll likely be out of pocket for a number of days. Have tried to do a few things, like QBT, ahead of time. But there’ll be a drop in my online activity, for sure. I always dread traveling shortly before the fact, almost always enjoy having done it after the fact. And always glad to be back in my little corner called home.

Have a good weekend, my friends.

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