Encouragement Note June 2019


How many secrets do I have that God does not know? By my last count, there are exactly zero secrets that I have that God does not know. That can be a comfort when my prayers are made and the Holy Spirit helps to intercede for my own thoughts (Romans 8: 26, 27). The comfort is in my own failing there is God using his power to help me and guide me. It makes for a positive future in my life.

It can also be uncomfortable at times when I know that I have sinned and it was under my control. I know what it is like to feel uncomfortable with my own words or behavior after the fact. It can be a mental or physical burden that blocks true worship until it is resolved.

I can think of one other person who was a man after God’s own heart who may have had similar feeling.

King David had to live for months with the fact that he had orchestrated the death of Uriah, and then being a great King comforted Bathsheba by taking her as his wife. He may have had similar pains of guilt. Those pains led to sorrow where David confessed “I have sinned against the Lord” after God’s prophet confronted him (2 Samuel 12:1-23). God forgave David. The consequences of that sin were felt immediately with the death of son born to Bathsheba and further family violence until David’s death. David was forgiven and that has to be a learning moment for me.

What have I learned? I must repent of my sin when it happens, and take steps to eliminate the evil that penetrates my thoughts. It is the apostle John who wrote through the Holy Spirit that “If we confess our sins he faithful and just to forgive us”. Yes there may be temporary painful and regretful consequences that last a year, a decade or the rest of my life. The comforting message is that God will “cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. We can be clean in the Lord and keep our name in the Lamb of God’s book of life (Revelation 21:27).

Take the time to ask God to restore any and all weakness or sin in your life. You are worth the asking. It is a great blessing to be made clean in the sight of the Lord.

Have a great day

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