End a Life, Save a Dollar

This is sickening. However, it is not surprising. When evolution tells us that we are worth no more than a slug, life becomes cheaper as time progresses. We see what this new reality has produced.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A local Planned Parenthood official has bluntly admitted why health insurance companies are increasingly comfortable with covering abortions: because the choice to kill an unborn child is cheaper than giving birth.

“A first trimester abortion is $300 to $450,” Baltimore Planned Parenthood CEO John Nugent told the national business magazine Forbes Thursday. “But if the gestational age is higher you’re paying for a surgical suite. That’s why the insurance companies think they should be offering it. It’s cheaper to terminate an unwanted pregnancy rather than taking it to term.”

The Forbes article points out the cost estimates offered by the Health Care Blue Book: it lists a typical abortion in a physician’s office costing $397, while a vaginal delivery costs $5,992, and a caeserean section is $8,558.

Do we place on their death certificates: Cause of Death: To save money?

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