You may be, I am not

wafflesToday I do what I don’t often do, in the short piece, “Are we or are we not, and does it matter?” on the underused Gospel Progress site.

I call a name.

This in the serious, eyes-open spirit of Ep 5.11, “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” NET.

The Asbury Bible Commentary says of this verse, “… as the Lord himself, they should turn the light of God’s truth upon the secret deeds practiced by false teachers and be quick to point them out for what they are: sins against God …” (emphasis mine).

This is true in both morals and doctrine, which, actually, cannot be separated, for the latter always determines the former.

Perhaps we fail to do this more for fear of sounding like some of the contentious brigands among us. I know of some who don’t because they have been cowed by the false teachers. Others may have a false view of congregational autonomy.

No waffling, however, at the link above. Whatever you may consider yourself and the Lord’s church, I am no evangelical.