Epitaphs on tombstones

As I continue reading through my Bible each morning I have been touched by some of the beautiful things written about different people in the Bible. So much so that I have decided to write them down to refer back to later.

It made me think of what might be said about me. Have you ever thought of a quote that might be placed on your tombstone which would sum up your life, or give others a glimpse into your life? 

During the week I saw a picture on FB of a tombstone that tickled me. It had a recipe on the back of the tombstone for Christmas cookies. It happens that the lady had refused to give out her recipe through the years and always said, “Over my dead body.” So, sure enough, the recipe was finally displayed over her dead body on her tombstone. To say the least, she kept her word. 

Now we all have to agree that is funny and we like the humor in it, but on a serious note what is it that might be written on our tombstone? 

I noticed that “Asa was careful to obey the Lord his God.” Uzziah “followed in the footsteps of his father Amaziah, and was in general a good king so far as the Lord’s opinion of him was concerned.” (He later sinned and became a leper.) And another, “King Jotham became powerful because he was careful to follow the path of the Lord his God.” These are all taken from The Living Bible Paraphrased but you can find and think of others as you read your Bible. It’s a fun thing to think about but in summary they were successful as long as they followed the Lord. That is powerful for us to think about and makes one wonder just what might be written on our tombstone one day. May it be of good report.