In the era of tl;dr, write accordingly


The common abbreviation in Internet language, tl;dr, means “too long; didn’t read.” It refers to an extensive text that the person did not feel like taking the time to read. The abbreviation sometimes prefaces a short summary of a longer text.

Some use tl;dr as a criticism of long prose—the post or article ought to be shorter!

Internet readers skim text. Gone are the days of careful analysis. Meditation? A lost art.

So follow these rules for dealing with ultra-short attention spans.

  1. Edit, then edit some more. If you write and post, readers will pass you by. Get rid of the fluff. Revision is more important than ever.
  2. Get to the point. State your thesis in the first line or paragraph.
  3. Say your piece, then shut up. The shorter, the better. If needed, do a follow-up. Or explain in the comments.

To be heard, fit your message to an impatient world. Going long means losing their attention.

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