Errors of the church of Christ (24) – Country Club and Liberals

1. CC members have told us that they choose to “emphasize obedience” in faith and practice. Why would one choose to emphasize anything? Do some passages of Scripture have more authority than others? Is the message of the Bible slanted by arbitrarily emphasizing obedience over grace, when there are over 100 passages in the New Testament that emphasize grace or faith or election as the means to salvation? (If you would like to see a comprehensive list, you may email us at

RT – Interesting question you ask – especially when you emphasize the very words in this little paragraph. Whether someone emphasizes this or that may be up for some criticism; the point, however, is if the New Testament teaches it no man is to alter that teaching.

2. Are we obedient in order to be saved or because we are saved? Doesn’t the Bible teach that people are obedient because God has already saved them (2 Cor 9:8James 2:261 Jn 2:291 Jn 3:91 Jn 4:71 Jn 5:18)? Take a new look at Ephesians 1:3-10. Next please watch this 9 minute video clip: Morey on Salvation 14-14

RT – How do you read Hebrews 5:8-9?

3. Did God choose us before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless? Or did He choose us because were are first holy and blameless? Further, did God choose us, or did we choose God?

RT- The answer to your first question: Ephesians 1:4-14. Your third question is answered in the same passage.

4. Perhaps a more poignant question is—Are you now free (Gal 5:1)? Or do feel like you are in bondage? Is your burden easy or light (chapter 25, What God Requires)? What does God really require? While liberals think the Christian faith is a country club, does CC doctrine make it seem like a prison?

RT – All those in Christ are free from the bondage of sin, as Galatians 5 teaches. Your fourth question is answered in John 3:16; Acts 2:38. Perhaps as you make Christianity a “country-club” atmosphere, we would encourage you to stay within the confines of the Lord’s teachings as revealed in the New Testament. If you call this a prison, then it is clear you are a liberal.

5. Is the message of the New Testament simply that one legal system replaced another? Please see these links from those within your own tradition and offer your comment on them: chapter 3, Law of Christ,  and chapter 22, Butting the Brethren. Are these men possibly correct that legalism is indeed the “fatal error” of CC theology?

RT – The answer to your question is found in Galatians 3:19-29. On the other hand, as I have answered earlier: who has the authority to establish a divine law? Is that divine law an inherent system that is contrary (or against) to man? If it is contrary to man, what proper authority can negate that which is against man? Having identified that proper authority, that which they (the proper authority) set forth as the proper negating action that opposes man, is it now a new system or law that is not to be controverted?