Esther 2

  1. The king now decides to replace his queen with a “beautiful young virgin.” Gathering up “many young women” to Shushan, there was one Jewish girl Hadassah (Esther) who was also present. As was custom the women were scheduled a time with the king; a time in which the king was to value or not value his time with the particular young woman. When Esther went in the king found her to be the most pleasing of all the young women he encountered. To vouch for the choice he made, the queen actually saved the king’s life at a later point (with her uncle Mordecai actually giving the information that saved him).
  2. Application: The weakness of the male, among many, is the female. Whatever bravado he musters she can temper him. Whatever toughness he displays she can soften him. Esther’s virtue was not only her modesty, pleasing disposition, but also her loyalty. She was loyal to the one who raised her and she was loyal to the one to whom she married. Her position was one of great significance and though she did not know it on this early occasion, the saving of the king’s life resulted in the saving of her people as well.