Esther 4

  1. The dye was cast and now what were the Jews to do. Mordecai presented himself to all who looked upon him as a man greatly trouble, troubled to the point of receiving no comfort. The queen (Hadassah) learns of this and seeks to take attention away from the man she loved more than any other (because he raised her), but in his refusal to accept she learns what it is all about. Frightened and perplexed about what to do, Mordecai places upon her a responsibility that is monumental.
  2. APPLICATION: For some reason this chapter moved me today. I am not sure why because I have it many time and was not touched like I was today. I suppose it had to do with 4:14. When you think about why you are where you are at in this country and in your current circumstances, have you wondered why? I have. Why am I so fortunate that the Lord saw to it that I was born in the USA, to a solid middle-class family structured environment? Why was I so fortunate that I could go to college, enter the military, enjoy the liberties, and obey the gospel without molestation? I do not know; I can only guess. What I can do and what I can know, however, is that a responsibility has been placed on me to do something (Galatians 6:10), I think I had better make sure I do it.