Esther 7

  1. Haman begins to realize that trouble is before him, but he could not have imagined what was about to brew on this day, the second day in which the queen invited both her husband and his high ranking servant to dine. The queen brings her request before the king and by the request’s end Haman has been hooded and a verdict from the king executed.
  2. Application: Apart from what we read in chapters 6 and 7 we don’t know exactly what Haman was thinking; given that we all know the nature of man we have a good idea about the abject fear running through his body. No more did he leave the king’s presence the day before that before the end of the following day his life was taken from him. So quickly did events move that only one word can adequately describe it: blur. Numbers 32:23. It is a challenge to us to live righteously in a world so bent on its own destruction; imagine how much more difficult it would be if we always had to look behind us and also cover our tracks?