Esther 9 and 10

  1. The day came for the Jews to defend themselves against all those who were determined to destroy them. Such preparations had been made by them that when the attempt came to destroy them it was completely thwarted. The event produced a holiday for the Jews; the holiday is Purim.
  2. Application: The theme of the book is clearly that God’s people are preserved by Him who sees all. No matter how intense the effort by some might be to the contrary, when God wants to preserve no man will be successful against Him. **** For some modern “scholars” the book of Esther is a story that has no basis in history, and one reason put forth is that Esther is not even mention by Herodotus (a famous historian of the time). Gleason Archer, however, adequately addresses the “historical dismissal” of Esther at this time (pp. 401-406). Why is it that people want to dismiss some of the books of the Bible? In part it is because something does not correspond with a predisposition; when this occurs it is the historical record that is dismissed, not the predisposition.