Eternity ahead

Today’s reading is Matthew 26. Have you any insights, notes, impressions from your reading of this chapter? I’m making some notes and am looking for good points.

• Pray for The Missus’s uncle. He had surgery yesterday for a mass in his intestines. We await results from the biopsy. Yet another loved one close to us in situation of risk (or death, some).

• Wonderful day yesterday with the saints in SJCampos and Taubaté. For our Bible studies, I taught another commandment of Jesus in Mt 19, “No one separate,” and in the afternoon we looked at Php 2:1-4. People seem to enjoy both studies. I’m excited about working through the commandments series. Seems to be a approach I’ve not seen before, in these parts, at least.

• Don R. and I have talked about shorter abbreviations for Bible books before. I happened to see this yesterday, or day before, and liked it. I’m a fan of short and sweet.

• For next Sunday, I’m already thinking about Php 2:5-11, plopped down some lines here, but then tweaked it here. Rob L. ought to like the latter, since he’s done some chiastic preaching. Any structural or vocabulary notes you have on this pericope are welcome as well.

• Here’s a little thought from Mt 26. The disciples asked Jesus where he wanted them to prepare the Passover meal. Apparently, they thought he must have dropped the ball on that one. But he was ready for it, had already set things up. See the lesson? He’s always one step ahead of us. Or better, an eternity ahead of us.

Have a great week!


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