Eternity Awaits Poem


What can I say, my brother, my friend,

  To make you realize the danger you are in?

With your complacent attitude about the work of the Lord,

  You are flirting with danger and will lose your soul.

A visit, a call, a letter written in love,

  Will it make you think of Heaven above?

Is there something I can do to shake you awake,

  About spiritual things and the dangers you take?

Week after week you let His day pass by,

  Missing His supper, you are too busy, you cry;

You’re sleepy, you are tired from a hard day before,

  So another day passes without worshiping the Lord.

Death is coming to you and to me,

  No more excuses can be offered then, you see;

Your doom will be set, eternity awaits;

  No welcome home sign for you at the pearly gates.

  • Glenda Williams 1-2006