As a nation the Lord was greatly displeased with Israel. There were many things that plagued them, but in Isaiah 1:17 there are five points the Lord set forth for Israel to do. 1) Learn to do good, 2) seek justice, 3) rebuke the oppressor, 4) defend the fatherless, and 5) plead for the widow (the wording of the NKJV). The word “good” can best be understood in relation to the Lord’s will. The word “justice” simply means that Israelites were to properly apply the Lord’s word from the high ranking official all the way down to the lowest or the economically deprived in the community. The one who oppresses is rendered differently in the NET: “Give the oppressed reason to celebrate.” This seems to be best understood in relation to the next two points; the children and the widows who have no one to provide for them need assistance. That which the Lord called upon the children of Israel to do, let us do the same.


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