ETSOPM – Day 3

The last day of the lectureship; always a day in which local attendees begin to make the journey home, especially after lunch. I will leave tomorrow morning, stop in Gallatin, and arrive by 5-6 pm. The lecture that “paid for itself,” as they say was the one by Jody Apple (if I did not mention that yesterday). It was a good one for me, though for others it might have been something different. Jody mentioned, on another occasion, that somewhere around 15,000 minutes have been viewed on the web. Imentioned to him Randal’s difficulty, and he acknowledged his own aggravations. That being the case, it is the first time, but the potential is looking good. I took opportunity today to gather a few sermon ideas, the other two days, I just enjoyed the leassons and fellowship. At lunch seven of us went to a Japanese eating place; first time for me, but it wont be a last. Anne (wife) will enjoy something like that. Speakers today that had good lessons (the ones I heard) were Clarence DeLoach, William Woodson, Jerry Carmichael, and Jerry Jenkins. Look forward to next year’s lecture. Theme? It does not matter (I do not know), I will go just the same!