ETSPM hits 40, hosts blitz weekends

Our congrats on the 40th anniversary of ETSPM and best wishes on this new undertaking, news from friend Jody Apple:

August starts the 40th full year of instruction at East TN School of Preaching & Missions. To promote the school, recruit students and increase support for both students and school, we are hosting “It’s Your School” blitz weekends around the Southeast.

The first one kicks off this Saturday, July 17 at 6:00 pm at the Ashville Road congregation in Leeds, AL. If you know people in that area, please encourage them to attend. RSVP’s can be sent to

On the next day, Sunday, July 18, faculty and students will be speaking at congregations all around the Birmingham, AL area to promote the school.

The second “blitz” weekend will be held in the Knoxville area, with the opening meeting on Saturday, August 14 at the Karns building. Faculty will be preaching on Sunday, August 15, all around the Knoxville area. The 40th year of teaching starts the following day, Monday, August 16.

If you can attend, or just want more information about the school, post me at


In Christ,
Jody Apple

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