Eugene Adkins joins other 5 TFR editors

A bit of good news this fine Monday morning: our good Fellow Eugene Adkins will be helping out on the TFR site a bit more now as an editor. He joins Barbara Anne and myself, as well as Ron Thomas, Stephen Bradd, and Richard Mansel.

Eugene has been a consistent poster and commenter (he has more comments than I do!), showing great interest in the work of TFR. We’re thankful to have him aboard in this new role.

Informally, I shared with Eugene a bit of my philosophy for TFR as a group blog. (As far as I know, TFR is unique in the brotherhood in this respect.) I adapted and added a bit to share with you, since it always helps us focus to review our objectives:

My vision of TFR is having good people pop in with items and news and spiritual perspectives all throughout the day. The more the merrier, as long as its upbeat and encouraging, though I’m not averse to noting bad things that have happened or taking on a false doctrine at times. I don’t want TFR to be so much a Bible study site as a perspectives space. Obviously, I like the Bible studies and want those on the site (keep ’em comin’, Johnny!), but what I think TFR has to contribute to the brotherhood is an easy comaraderie with an upbeat style that applies the Bible to life and sees events happening around us through the lens of heaven.

May the new year, which started fast and blest, hold great opportunities for us all in the kingdom, as we work together and each one fulfills his own ministries entrusted by a gracious God.

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