Evaluating ministry to God

From this denominational article comes this list of questions to help one evaluate one’s service to Christ. I have only slightly adapted them.

  • Where have you experienced the presence and power of God at work in your ministry in the last year?
  • What in your ministry gives you life? Where do you feel most alive in your ministry and most energized?
  • What do you find as life-depleting in your ministry? Where is your ministry drained?
  • How do you feel about ministry now versus 10 years ago?
  • What kinds of biblical questions or existential doubts have you struggled with?

What other questions might be helpful? Do the above questions show any doctrinal bias, such as promotion of the clergy system, or tendencies toward full-time ministry as opposed to everyone exercising the gifts from the Spirit?

A broader issue is to ask if these questions can help one to evaluate one’s service to God. Can any set of question perform this task?

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