Evangelism: Door to Door

Last week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) there were a number of saints who walked door to door in three small communities; Sullivan (IL) being the largest (about 5,000 residents), followed by Bethany, and then Hammond. A number of people were involved, and not all then did the walking door to door. Many supported the effort by opening their homes for refreshment breaks, while some others stay’d behind in order to prepare lunches (this does not even count the many prayers that went to the Lord for such). There were a number of people involved, and it was spear-headed by J. E. Miller. He recruited about 4 students from FHU for a domestic mission. Some walked all three communities (and part of a fourth; I walked a little part of three) putting on the door handle of each home invitations to our Family and Friends Day (March 30) and Youth Rally (March 29) with Ethan Smith as our speaker. From this canvassing we received, thus far, two phone calls and two people interested in Bible study (one by mail and the other personal). Our Family and Friends Day brought 37 visitors to the building. While both of these are important, I want to really accentuate the work done by the saints. It was well worth the effort regardless of the visible fruit. We are confident, however, that the visible fruit will be soon seen.