“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…”

I have posted very little here at TFR of late, & I am sorry for that.  Along with the usual “busy-ness” that comes with summer, my family & I have gone through the gamut of emotions over the past several weeks.  I was asked by the elders of the Bremen Church of Christ in Bremen, GA to come & work with the congregation there as the preacher.  We had a good work going on with the congregation in Childersburg, AL, but, upon further investigation, it became clear that an open door was before us to do even more in the kingdom; such being the case, we accepted the invitation from the Bremen elders.

On Monday, June25, we packed a moving truck to the hilt & made the trip to Bremen.  After unpacking & settling in just a bit, we traveled back to Childersburg (about an hour-and-a-half drive) Wednesday night for our final assembly there (at least as the local preacher).  It was very emotional, & we bid a very sad farewell to the brethren there.

This Sunday, Lord willing, we will officially begin the work here in Bremen.  I hope to be a bit more active here in The Fellowship Room once I’m settled into a daily routine.  I appreciate all the fellows here who always keep continuous posts on here; I enjoy being here to read & learn from others, if nothing else!