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CNN is having its worst days as far as number of viewers. Now, Anderson Cooper, one of its main faces, has publicly declared he’s homosexual. Will be interesting to see if his declaration has any effect on viewer numbers. Though the cable network seems to be doing a superb job itself of shooting down its own ratings.

• An atheist has sued a Pennsylvania restaurant for offering 10% off on Sundays to customers who bring in a church bulletin. He didn’t say he felt discriminated against, but described his lawsuit as a strike against self-righteousness. Stranger tactics have been employed, I suppose.

• Father’s Day present was a Kindle. Got any tips or free items to recommend? Of course, I’ve already loaded NET Bible, ESV, and HCSB, all free, as well as a Portuguese version.

• One mean thing about Amazon.com, from which Kindle springs: People outside the US are charged $0.99 for free books. Why is that? Do I use up more electricity, bandwidth, or electrons than someone within the country? Should I, like the atheist, sue them for discrimination or American self-righteousness?

• Lots of praise heaped on Andy Griffith, even a cartoon some of the brethren are reposting that shows him at the gates of heaven with “Saint” Peter. One supposes that panegyrics and eulogies may be hyperbolic without much criticism. But a sour note—and perhaps I should just leave it alone, on July 4th still, or say it because it is the 4th—most actors and entertainment figures, Griffith included, are outspoken for many a liberal and not a few unrighteous causes. Makes the entertainment they provide a tad less enjoyable.

Isn’t it good we have things to enjoy besides tainted human efforts? “God … richly provides us with everything to enjoy” (1Tm 6.17 ESV).

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