Evolution, same-sex marriage, and self-defeating (Letter to editor)

With the recent Supreme Court decision and homosexual marriage legalization, I have noticed that many people speak of “equality” and “love,” words that are hedonistically defined.

Justice Kennedy said that the self-defeating, non-perpetuating “fundamental right to marriage” decision was a matter of liberty. I wonder if those who support polygamy and polyandry will argue the same. You know they will! After all, there is no rational reason to prevent them from doing so, is there? It is just a matter of time if there is no reversal of the decision.

Justices Scalia and Roberts spoke with great concern concerning the Constitution of this country. For good reason they did. What did the President of the United States say? He spoke favorably of the decision and completely supports this immoral behavior. There is no surprise in this, because this is a norm for liberal/progressive thinkers.

If macro evolution is true (and it is not), then the homosexual community is a weak-link in the chain of human progress. Why? Because homosexuals cannot perpetuate their existence in their continuance of their immoral activities via procreation amongst themselves. They must use artificial means to do so. This failure to procreate means that, in time, the weak-link destroys itself.

It is incontrovertible that homosexual behavior is immoral, just as it is incontrovertible that homosexual intimacy is hedonistic and self-defeating.

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