It seems to me people in the world…

It seems to me people in the world are spiraling out of control, and there is no stopping them. Everyday I listen to the news and think surely it could not get any worse, only to hear something worse the next day. It breaks my heart.

What can we do? Just yesterday I was walking on our treadmill as I listened to Faith Radio. The announcer said 50% of the babies being born are being born to girls who are living with the baby’s father, unmarried.

Years ago we knew an older couple who were living together outside of marriage. Why? Because they wouldn’t get as much money from the government if they married, so they chose to live in sin instead. Another fine lady who was in the church thought she couldn’t live on her single income after her husband died. She married a man who had been married several times, and they were living in adultery…and knew it!!! Thankfully, we were able to talk to her and persuade her to get out of that relationship if she desired to go to heaven. She divorced the man, and started a catering business and made her own living. She recently passed away.

Parents are not teaching their children, both boys and girls, the importance of purity. They are not teaching their children the importance of the marriage vow and bed, therefore we are seeing the results of pure spiritual neglect.

A lack of respect for the word of God. Now that is a frightening statement, don’t you think? A lack of respect for the word of God will lead one to say, “well, I think, or I believe it’s okay if we do this or that.” A moment’s desire can make one lose respect for the word of God. As time goes on the weight of that decision weighs heavily on the mind and conscious, and causes havoc down the road, not to mention the losing of one’s soul in hell.

Years ago, on several occasions, an older married man told me he wanted to talk to me. He said he just knew he could talk to me from the first time he saw me. He kept on until I let him come, so I could hear what he had to say. It didn’t take him long to tell me he had five women that he went to see on his “camper vacations.” His wife was one of my close friends and a wonderful Christian. Yet, he took off periodically with his camper on the back of his truck and was gone several days. I asked him what about his wife. “Oh, there’s nothing there. Nothing there,” he replied. That’s no excuse!!! When he started to leave he said he’d just give anything if he could just hug my neck. I told him I couldn’t live with myself if I did that. He replied the way he looked at it was he “just considered it a dream, just considered it a dream,” repeating himself. I lost all respect for him that day. Depending on one’s mind instead of God’s word will not lead to a heavenly homecoming.

Children growing up with parents who are not married, who are living in adultery, or any other sinful circumstance, will grow up thinking it is okay to do the same thing, and even doing it as the example above. Parents will answer for setting the wrong example and leading their children astray.

We must weigh our decisions by the word of God. We must teach our children and grandchildren the importance of abiding by the Word, instead of taking someone else’s teaching, or ideas, on the matter. Life is too short and uncertain to gamble with our souls.

May God help us to correct the error of our ways before it is eternally too late.