Exhibit Evangelism

The work of the Lord’s church at the Illinois state fair is now on day 2. Day 1 (Friday) was a day of oppressive heat, that is opressive heat for central Illinois (about 95 degree with a heat index of over 105). Crowds were down and, thus, traffice into the exhibit site was also down. Nevertheless, of those who came in, there were five enrollees in Bible studies. Today looks to be more of the same – oppressive heat.

A benefit to our work at the fair, aside from the obvious spiritual benefit, is the relationships formed with young men and women (teenagers and college age) from different parts of the state. We range, geographically, from the Chicago area to as far south as Centrailia, Mount Vernon. The relationships formed are immeasurable and on various occasions there are wedding bells forming on the horizon.

After my “shift work” I will make plans to head home in order to preach tomorrow, returning Monday. We have a dedicated staff of workers that are just fantastic. Right now, as I type, we have some women (predominantly) working to get breakfast together for all the workers, and they will work hard through the day to be sure we are taken care of, that we don’t go home thin! God bless them.

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