Exodus 12

1. The Israelites are now prepared for their departure; their departure is not one to be leisurely engaged in, but with haste they are to leave Egypt. With this departure, the last plagued having been administered, the Lord will have executed judgment on all the gods of Egypt (12:12, pun intended).

2. The Passover. The institution of the feast consisted of the following requirements (all from C-12). One male lamb, a year old, without blemish per household. This lamb will be killed at twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month (Abib). The blood of this lamb will be used to mark each Israelite home (12:7). The meal for the occasion will be one that consists of lamb’s flesh, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs (12:8). Nothing boiled or raw will be consumed. What is not consumed will be burnt. The apparel that is to be worn when eating is clothing that is prepared for a journey (12:11). This feast will be kept annually, and in conjunction with the Passover feast there is the feast of Unleavened Bread,” a continued reminder of not only the deliverance, but of the journey ahead of them. These seven days are “bookended” with a holy assembly (12:1-28). No foreigner (uncircumcised male) shall eat of the Passover. It will be eaten inside the home of the one who sacrificed the lamb, nothing will be removed from the home, and neither will the lamb’s bones be broken. One law to the whole nation applies (12:43-51).

3. With the Passover ordinance in front of the Israelites they are now going to experience the significance of the occasion. What the king of Egypt tried to do (resist) he could no longer do.

4. Application: In a boastful tone the king said he did not know the Lord and neither would he let the Israelites go free from their slavery. Now, in a defiant tone the Egyptians are plundered by the ones they held in strict bondage (12:36). It has been said that he who boasts the loudest will be the one who is humbled the quickest. The humble circumstances the Israelites endured – they carried their possessions with them (12:34) – leaves an impression on me. We are a people richly blessed and how it is that I hear many complain about this or that. Yet, reflect as well as you can on what it was the Israelites had when they left. There was family and what little belongings they had.