Exodus 26

  1. Since the furniture within the Tabernacle is detailed for us, what about the Tabernacle itself? This is what this chapter deals with. The encasement of the furniture within the Tabernacle with curtains (26:1-6). The Tabernacle will be covered, as a form of protection from the elements, but also because it is a sacred location and only the proper people can enter and see within (26:7-14). The skeletal structure of the Tabernacle (26:15-30). The placement of the furniture pieces within the Tabernacle (26:31-37).
  2. Application:  As mentioned Friday, the Lord’s plan for His Tabernacle was to be completed just as He desired it; He gave no room for man to manipulate according to his own desires. Roper has some fine application points that can be developed into a sermon: God is a God of Order; God is a God is Beauty; God is a God of Utility; God is a God of mercy; and God is a God of revelation.