Exodus 27

1. The instructions for the Tabernacle now in place, the Lord gives to Moses instructions pertaining to the altar and the court of the Tabernacle. The size of the altar was more than 7 feet (square) and nearly 5 feet high. This altar had come to called the altar of burnt offering. The horns, representing strength, has some uncertainty surrounding its purposes, but perhaps Psalm 118:27 gives us an idea (in part). The actual appearance of the “horns” is speculative. The altar was a square box (presumably with no floor) that could be transported (27:1-9).

2. This altar would sit in the court of the Tabernacle. The court surrounding the Tabernacle would be the dimensions of 150 feet by 75 feet (27:9-19).

3. Lastly, within the chapter, is instruction about oil for the lamp that was not to go out (27:20-21).

4. Application: The oil for the lamp is in order that the light within the Tabernacle never goes out. Has it ever been the case, with you, that the light of life of the Lord Jesus has been extinguished within you? It has not been that way for me, but I surely have done what I could to blow it out. Fortunately for me the Lord, in His mercy, did not allow it to be blown out. Rather than doing what you can to blow it out, do what you can to keep it lit.