Exodus 29

  1. The anointing procedure for the priesthood. “The act of inaugurating the priests was accompanied by ceremonial solemnities well calculated not only to lead the people to entertain exalted views of the office, but to impress those functionaries themselves with a profound sense of its magnitude and importance. In short, they were taught to know that the service was for them as well as for the people; and every time they engaged in a new performance of their duties, they were reminded of their personal interest in the worship, by being obliged to offer for themselves, before they were qualified to offer as the representatives of the people” (JFB, E-sword).
  2. Application: The sacredness of the position brought a sacredness of the commission. Have we become mundane in our “hiring” or “appointing” preachers, elders, and deacons? A tremendous (and important) responsibility belongs to each.