Exodus 37

  1. The following remarks belong to the introduction of this chapter. (http://www.studylight.org/com/bcc/view.cgi?book=ex&chapter=037)
  2. This chapter records the building of the Ark and the Mercy-seat (Exodus 37:1-9), instructions for which are recorded in Exo. 25:10-22; the Table of Showbread (Exodus 37:10-16), instructions for which are in Exo. 25:28-30; the Golden Candlestick (Exodus 37:17-24), the instructions being in Exo. 25:31-40; the Altar of Incense (Exodus 37:25-28), instructions being found in Exo. 30:1-5; the Holy Oil and Incense (Exodus 37:29), the recipe for which is detailed in Exo. 30:22-38. Of course, any modern writer would have written all this merely by the statement that, “Moses did all this exactly according to the instructions of Jehovah.” However, this is not a modern book, or even a book like those known in Western Civilization. It is a book written after the style of ancient Near East literature in 1400 B.C., which is thus confirmed as the approximate date of Exodus.
  3. Application: Roper asked if the church today can find the things of this tabernacle that are useful, and he answers that we can (pp. 602-603). a) We have access to God’s mercy, b) we have a table, light and prayer as Christians. These are things upon which it is good to reflect.