Exodus 39

  1. The following remarks belong to the introduction of this chapter. http://www.studylight.org/com/bcc/view.cgi?book=ex&chapter=038
  2. This chapter details the making of: (1) the Ephod (Exodus 39:1-5); (2) the Breastplate (Exodus 39:8-21); (3) the Robe of the Ephod (Exodus 39:22-26); (4) the fine Garments of the priests (Exodus 39:27-29); (5) and the Crown of the Mitre (Exodus 39:31-32). The instructions which God gave (Exo. 28) were carefully followed; and the account here closely conforms to the account of the instructions. “There are no major differences between the two accounts.” Of course, there is the omission of any reference to the Urim and the Thummin, quickly hailed by critics as “reflecting a situation sometime after the exile”, but it is far better to consider this omission, as did Huey, as merely being an “abridged” account of the instructions. Also, there is the completion of all the work; the bringing of it to Moses; his inspection of it; and Moses’ blessing (Exodus 39:32-43).
  3. Application: The faithful actions of the people of Israel accomplished the job tasked them by the Lord, and in the appropriate amount of time. By the second year, first month, the Tabernacle was set up. Moses examined (inspected, (NET) it all over as the people brought all that had been made, and pleased with what he saw, he blessed them. Clarke said this meant he gave them that praise which was due to their skill, diligence, and fidelity (E-sword). In Nehemiah, when the people had a mind to work, the work got done.