Expanded Bible NT online

Thomas Nelson’s Expanded Bible – New Testament was put online last year, but I must have missed it. You can download it in PDF format by clicking HERE (see update below).

It’s similar to the old Amplified Bible, which I like. But it uses, according to the preface, a modified text of the New Century Version. You may find some helpful resources in this one.

Somebody correct me here, but as I recall, the NCV was originally done by our brethren, and branched off after sold to a denominational publisher. Can’t remember if it’s a ERV or SEB branch.

Anyway, the strength of this will be the inline options. Rather than putting it in footnotes, most of it appears in brackets. Maybe a new format for a lazier generation? Dunno.

UPDATE (2010/July/30): The page for the version has changed, and the PDF has been removed and replaced with a nifty, but less navegable popup. If you’d like the PDF file, comment below with your email, and I’ll send it to you.

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