Extraordinary kindness

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

The local inhabitants showed us extraordinary kindness, for they built a fire and welcomed us all because it had started to rain and was cold. Acts 28.2

Paul was on his way to Rome as a prisoner. His ship was wrecked off the island of Malta. Instead of being put to death by the soldiers, due to the centurion’s intervention, Paul and the other prisoners were allowed to either swim to shore or to get there by use of planks from the ship. All made it to shore safely.

Upon reaching the shore, Paul and company were met by the local inhabitants who showed kindness to those from the ship. They built a fire so that these could warm themselves since it had begun to rain and was cold.

Paul healed the father of the chief official of the island, who was sick with dysentery and fever. Afterwards, others who were sick came to Paul for healing.

The inhabitants of Malta gave Paul’s company all of the supplies that they needed when the time came for them to set sail once again. They showed kindness to them while they were on the island and at the time of their departure. It made a difficult situation easier to get through because of kindness.

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