Look straight ahead

From Bob Turner’s blog, Leadership Thought Of The Day:

Regardless of the short- or long-term goals, we must keep our eye on the goal, focusing on what is essential to success.

The quote echoes my comments last week on Proverbs 4.25.

4.25. “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you” (NLT). Let us have our goal fixed in our minds. Our objective as followers of Christ is to serve God and live by his plan. We must not let ourselves swerve from this purpose.

For those easily distracted or sidetracked, this is an important principle. Nothing is ever gained by flitting from one thing to another, like a sparrow going from branch to ground to roof, but by single-minded dedication to an objective.

That’s why we write down our goals and objectives, right? Where’s yours?