Ezra 10

  1. With Ezra leading in prayer the people followed his lead in their penitent attitude and brought forth a solution. That solution was dramatic and drastic, but one they felt compelled to make in accordance with God’s law. The whole community was called together and the solution (demand) was separation from those who were foreign to Israel.
  2. Application: Can you imagine such a thing as that which was accomplished on that occasion? There is no way to appreciate the stress and difficulty of that unless personally experienced. Marriage, by its very nature, is both sacred and personal. It’s the sacred quality, though, that takes preeminence more than the personal quality. Unfortunately, however, many people have these two qualities turned around. Those of the Jews were obligated to honor the Lord not only with regard to things sacred, but also in the personal. When there was a failing in both, the solution was drastic – but necessary. The application of this is easily made today – in any and all areas of life.