Ezra 5 & 6

  1. The Lord returned the Israeli captives from Babylon to the home land; with much excitement the returning Israelites begin rebuilding the temple and their homes. They were stopped, however, and now the Lord’s prophets called upon them to resume. This they do, but the government leaders of the land begin to inquire about this resumption, seeking guidance from the king in the new empire of the Medes and Persians (5:1-17). The king, Darius, set out to ascertain the matter, and comes back with a decree to the local government – let them continue with the work (6:1-12). Having received the encouraging words they bring the building project to completion (6:13-18), and with much devotion observed the Passover (6:19-22).
  2. Application: The Lord’s call to the people was to resume the rebuilding process, but the legal demands of the government was for those building plans to be stopped until further notice. Which was to give way first? Government. The Lord put in place those He desired to rule for the occasion (cf. Daniel 4:17), and on this occasion He saw to it that there was no opposition to His will. Even if there would have been opposition, like history has demonstrated many times, the opposition is simply no match for the Lord, and those who serve Him.