Ezra 7

  1. Continuing the theme of the previous chapter (the Lord’s guidance given to the repatriated people of the land through the king at the time), Ezra the scribe, sets his heart toward the land where his people resided. He went to teach them the Lord’s way. In order to achieve this with minimal distraction, the king sends him on a mission, and with his authority.
  2. Application: If there was ever a point of consideration for application it is 7:10. “Now Ezra had dedicated himself to the study of the law of the LORD, to its observance, and to teaching its statutes and judgments in Israel” (NET). As a teacher of God’s word, let every man be sure he sets his mind to such thing as Ezra did. It may be that one is not in a similar position as Ezra and can’t do what he did. He can do, however, as much as is possible. If you (man or woman) are teaching God’s word, then it is paramount that you take time to know, understand, and “self-medicate” before you teach.