Facing Death–A Celebration of Transition–from life to life

I look forward to the time I actually pass from this life into the next. That being said, the unknown aspect of all the things that happen after death does give me a funny feeling. Uneasy doesn’t describe it. Neither does unprepared.

A feeling of mental weightlessness is about the best way I can put it. It is a feeling that is both exhilarating and slightly uncomfortable at the same time. It is reminiscent of topping that last huge hill on the roller coaster. As you imagine how it will feel, it’s a bit unnerving. You anticipate how exciting it’s going to be, but there’s no way to simulate the height of the emotion you’re about to experience. Then, in that split second, as you begin to drop–weightlessness. In that split second of weightlessness, you know in yet another micro division of time, you will be experiencing something so tremendous and exilarating!

That’s the way I feel about life now–weightlessness. It’s a funny feeling. More and more I understand the brevity of this earthly existence. More and more I understand it as the “vapor stage” of my existence. Everything is rapidly moving toward this destiny of death. From an eternal prospective, life is short. So short, in fact, it can be said at any stage of life, we stand at the precipice of eternity. Vapor. Weightlessness. Eternity is in sight. The shift could happen at any time. Whether it’s within the next few seconds or the next half century (which would put me at 102!) matters little. It won’t be long.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not eager to die. Richard M presented great insight into the appropriate Christian attitude toward death. I feel my life’s work would be incomplete if the Lord took me now. Nevertheless, I trust the timing of that event to Him. Until then, I’ve got work to do.

Still, I look forward to the moment I exit this earth–to that amazing ride–with great anticipation. Even though I don’t know all the particulars of what will happen, I trust the One who will lead me through. I look forward to living forever with God and all the saints who have gone before and those who will join us later. As the early Christians said, “Maranatha!” or as Tommy Dorsey put it “take my hand, precious Lord, lead me home”!

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